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writing is a magnificent way of communicating. of expressing how you feel in a way that causes verbal communication to lose value. and i’ve found that when i’m writing fiction i must be completely connected to the characters to bring them to life. there have been several stories in which i’ve abandoned or left unfinished because what captured my interest in the beginning was no longer there. writing makes you express how you feel in a way that causes verbal communication to lose value. Click To Tweet

as i revisited a story i started months ago, i tried to figure out what happened. why did i loose focus and step away from it for so long? suddenly it clicked: i hadn’t experienced the circumstances personally and therefore my true connection to the piece was missing. now that i have identified what keeps me intrigued–the characters, setting and the one thing that truly makes me a part of this story [much deeper than just my thoughts]–i’ve found a way to finish.

last sermon is an example of a story i wrote quickly without the having to find my way because in many ways the characters felt as i did. my thoughts were able to manifest themselves in an authentic way and the energy i felt from the content was palpable.

staying connected to your writing can be tough. there’s nothing wrong with walking away from a story and returning to it with a fresh set of eyes and a renewed heart. my experience is that when the time is right the story will call your name and force you to discover the honesty within your words.

are you struggling to connect with your writing? what tips would you share to help others? connect with me @writerjns on twitter.


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