hardest thing

there is a song on tweet’s new album charlene entitled “the hardest thing” that i’ve literally fallen in love with. many of the words resonate with me and make me think of the things that are the “hardest” to let go of (which is essentially what the song is about). but as i thought about the hardest thing(s), i thought about it in terms of addictions. ...until we face our addictions, we will remain stuck in the place we thought we left. Click To Tweet

an addiction doesn’t have to be an addiction to drugs or alcohol or food, it might be an addiction to failure or success or people or being alone or anything that keeps us in the same place. as i thought about addiction and the hardest thing(s) to let go of, i also considered how many changes i’ve made physically in my life but i had to acknowledge that there are “things” or ways i hold on to that keep me stagnant or in a state of security and comfort [falsely].

i say that to say that no matter what changes we make, until we face our addictions, we will remain stuck in the place we thought we left.

and one of the hardest things for me to let go it is my fear of the outcome of doing something that may seem drastic because it defies the normal protocol of how we are expected to live…

now what about you…what’s the hardest thing(s) you hold on to? connect with me @writerjns on twitter.


“the more things change, the more they stay the same.” – the color purple

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